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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

Didn't attend the Classic Homes Collective Garage Sale? What a shame. Here are some of the clothes I bought from my other fellow sellers last Friday and Saturday.

Most of my purchases were from my cousin Nicole. These are the perks of having an impulsive buyer for a cousin hihihihi. Most of the stuff I bought from her she hadn't even worn yet.

Everything you see here I bought for 50 Php each. You're prolly kicking yourself right now for not going huh? Well lucky for you we'll be posting some of the clothes online but it wont be as cheap as it was during the garage sale.

Anyway, back to my purchases:
1. Pink lace corset top from Candies

2. Green lace top from Victoria's Secret

3. Red plaid button down

4. Light blue corset top from Terranova

5. Red floral bandage skirt

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