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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Love Dogs

Would you like to know what happened to me tonight? Well I'll tell you either way. I literally just got home from Alabang Medical Center right now at 11:47pm. 

Why? Well it all started yesterday. We received a text message from my little sister's teacher saying they thought they saw my dog Happy get hit by a car. When I read it Happy was literally in my arms so I knew it was a mistake. 

Later that day a security guard rung our door bell checking to see if we had lost our dog. Again, Happy was literally in bed with me. hahaha. 

So the next day, my little sister comes home from school and she tells me that this dog was staying in her school, injured and hasn't eaten all day. Immediately I knew I had to do something about it. I seriously felt like I wouldn't get any sleep that night until I knew for sure the dog was fine.

We packed up some dog food at around 8:00 pm tonight and marched over to the school to feed the starving pup. It was pretty sweet, first couple of times I pet it it was fine but suddenly she snapped and bit my hand. It didn't hurt at all, but then I noticed a tiny red dot, as small as a mosquito bite on my hand. It started to bleed and I started sweating buckets. Went directly home and my dad rushed me to AMC to get the shots I needed in case the dog was rabid. 

First shot went in my left arm, second when in my right. Then they told me the last shot needed a skin test to determine if I were allergic to the drug. Ask any nurse out there, skin tests are freakin' painful. They pierced the needle through the skin on my left fore arm near my hand. 

I literally started tearing up and begging the guy to stop. Hahaha! I have very low tolerance for pain btw so it was hell. If after 30 minutes I had no bad reaction to it they'd go ahead and give me the shot. 

After 30 minutes, I felt fine but then they noticed a little redness so they told me they had to do it again on my other fore arm. Oh what joy. This time I didn't cry but I did say ouch like a million times while the guy was poking me.

Another 30 minutes pass and they go ahead and give me the final tetanus shot. I swear, it was a good thing the nurse was a sweetheart or I prolly would have gone crazy. I feel like I want to buy him a big ass cake or something. hahaha. 

And that is how my night went, all in a matter of 3 hours. I still can't believe it all happened but I'm glad its over.. for now. Have to go back every week for follow up shots. 3 down, 4 more to go!

How did your night go?

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