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Monday, January 7, 2013

Thrift Store Clothing Binge

So last Christmas, my boyfriend got me the most amazing gift I could ever ask for. He offered me a shopping spree in any place of my choosing. Lo and behold, I chose to go to Tagaytay which is thrift store/Ukay-ukay heaven. That way I got my crazy shopping spree and we had most of the money left over for dinner dates. Hihihi

I'm so proud of my finds this time around, I really feel like this is a calling of mine. I can find the most amazing things with the least amount of spending. Every single piece I got ranged from 30 Php to 180 Php.

1. A gray Porky Pig printed Tee from UNIQLO which I altered into a tank top

2. Black tank top

3. Dark blue Peter Pan collared button down blouse

4. Gray tank top with stitching details at the shoulder area

5. White tank top with tiger print

6. Black tank top with lace details from Quicksilver

7. Gray sweater with cut out lace shoulders

8. A sheer white printed top with lace fringe details at the bottom

9. White cropped tank top

10. Black dress which I altered because it had weird gray sleeves haha

11. Floral crop top

12. Black mid lenth dress

13. Denim polo which I plan to bleach soon

14. White lace blazer (Definitely one of my favorite finds! Got it for 50 Php)

15. White flapper crochet dress

16. Dark blue floral maxi skirt

17. Black robe with sheer back from Paradox

18. Gray crop top with bow and glasses from H&M

19. Off white tank top with crochet details at the bottom

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