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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Anatreptic means overcoming or overturning.

The good thing about short hair is it's so much easier to curl it with a curling iron. I never had the patience to curl my old hip length hair because just on section of hair could take an hour.

I kinda feel like Sutton Mercer or Hanna Marin in this new short and curly do.

Speaking of hair, can I just please share this hilarious video by my favorite person ever online, JennaMarbles.
Here she talks about what girl's hair say about themselves. Warning, there is very strong and vulgar language in it. But it is freaking funny as hell. Hahaha

And back to the outfit:

[White crop top with fringe: Thrifted][High waist denim shorts: Vintage Levi's][White leather booties with studs: Parisian]


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