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Friday, June 14, 2013


Agersia means; quality of not growing old.

Lace is a fabric that I feel will be around forever. Found this little number at a thrift store in Tagaytay and immediately fell in love. It's kind of like a 1920's flapper dress which is why it stood out to me. 

To find such an elegant and expensive looking piece in a pile of 50 peso garments was euphoric to me. And for something thrifted, it's in perfect condition and still looks brand new. There really is nothing more satisfying. 

Makes me wonder what this dress has seen and gone through and who used to own it. Do you guys ever think of that when you go thrift shopping?

I wore this outfit to the Christening of my nephew a month back.

[White lace dress: Tagaytay Ukay-ukay][Nude pumps: Michael Antonio]

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  1. I love your shoes! Mind me asking what brand? And one more thing, as I was reading through your blog, you usually go thrift shopping in Tagaytay? Do you live in Tagaytay? Just wondering. I live nearby rin kase. Hehe.