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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Apolaustic means dedicated to the search for enjoyment.

For a brief period of time, work really took a toll on me and the weekend was the only thing that sustained me. The music, the people, the sunrises. I rediscovered old friendships and made amazing new ones. I honestly thought it was too late for me to meet any more significant people but I'm so glad I was wrong. There's something so special about the ease of finding connections with people in the oddest times and places. 

I've been closed off for so long in my own toxic bubble that breaking free felt unbelievable. Can't help but mourn over all the wasted years. I'm pretty sure though that I crammed all the living I missed out on into 4 months. 

So, to end my ramble, here's an outfit that I wore to a little place called Haze:

[Black cut out cropped top: @thriftapparelmnl on Instagram][Black bandage skirt: My own creation][Black, white and gray plaid button down: A friend's][Black heels: Payless]

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