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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Adunc means hooked.

I'm hooked on life at the moment. Haven't been this happy in what feels like forever. So many changes, scary, but all amazing. There are definitely still some struggles here and there but they seem so insignificant.

So I know I said I'd be creating a steady stream of posts a few weeks back. Oops. Finding it hard to pinpoint certain things in my life to write about. So many stories to tell about career, travel, food, fitness. 

Will definitely organize my thoughts soon. Maybe I can start with some of the physical changes you may or may not have noticed since my last post from last year. 

As you've seen from my last post, I died my hair jet black. I've been coloring my hair brown since I was 14 so it was a pretty bold move for me to go this dark. What do you think? Most reactions I've gotten have been negative or neutral but I'm happy with the change.

I've also lost a bit of weight. It isn't as obvious as my change in hair color but I've managed to shave off roughly about 10 pounds since last year. I actually went as extreme as 15 pounds but I gained it back in the name of health.. and really yummy food. I'll go into more detail about how I did that in a future post. But before that, an outfit post:

Another outfit I wore out and about in BGC.

[Black backless top : Copper][High waist denim shorts: ruins][Olive wedges: Follie][Bag: vintage]

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